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April 8: Favorite Sites Friday

Reported by, the online wholesale food marketplace – Spring is in the air! With the weather warming up (albeit slowly) and colors changing from grey to green we can’t help but be reminded of the reason Spring is always exciting: It’s fresh! It’s the start of a new seasonal cycle! With freshness as our theme, this week’s Friday Favorites are blogs, sites and resources to help you turn a new leaf and help your business bring in a little more green.

One of many amazingly fresh Italian dishes at Fiordizucca

1. Fiordizucca– There’s nothing fresher than real Italian food. The pictures and recipes will reinvent the ambition to make pasta from scratch- if you ever had one. Look for “English Please!” for translations on recipes.

2. The Pantry– A fresh idea for restaurants, literally. The company behind The Pantry expanded from an idea for one restaurant into a franchised chain of casual restaurants serving only the freshest food.

3. Steamy Kitchen– Fast, Fresh, Simple. Need a quick daily special? Meet your new best friend.

4. Seasonal Chef – Seasonal Ingredients for Recipes –– There’s nothing better than produce fresh from a farmer’s market. This video from shows how to pick ’em.

5. Need a fresh face for your restaurant? Brand makeovers are among the biggest restaurant trends for 2011. Details on this trend and 10 more HERE

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