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Are You The Typical Foodie?

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Foodie is not a new term at all. Today, it’s not uncommon to hear the terms foodie and sustainable in the same sentence, they seem to go hand in hand. Just for fun I did a quick “Google” search for the definition of foodie. Of course, one of the search results was from Urban Dictionary and of course I had to click on it because I knew I was in for a good laugh. Check it out.

If you’re really in the mood for a good laugh, hit play on the Foodies (via SRSLY) video below. If you’re at work, keep your chuckling on the low.

Hahahaha! First, how hilarious was that? Second, did you see yourself in the video? Three, how many people does this remind you of, besides yourself? And, four, wasn’t that super hilarious??!!

Foodies are deemed to be adventurous eaters and daring food-seekers who make an attempt to know all there is about food, ingredients, the location of farmers markets, which local restaurants are a must-visit, the slippery slopes of food trends and more. Moreover, they explore their food options, while convincing others to try a fork-full of whatever is on their plate; at least that’s what I do :-) .

If you’re a foodie and always up for a thrill, here are 4 websites that will help you discover culinary quests with just a simply click.

  3. BiteHunter
  4. LocalEats

What other “foodie” websites do you use or recommend? Let us know in the comments area below.

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