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Customers: Exceed Their Expectations

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The holiday season is in full swing and consumers remain hesitant when it comes to spending; families are continuing to cut back, especially on the things that, in their opinion, are unnecessary. Most customers are reluctant to spend hard-earned dollars before price comparing, evaluating their needs and wants, and considering their current relationship and overall experience with a particular brand.

Overall experience for consumers can be the difference between making a sale and continuous sales or never seeing another dime from that consumer again. That’s why gaining and maintaining customer loyalty is a no-brainer. It’s mandatory!

Even though the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is in full throttle, the consumer has the upper-hand. As mentioned before, today’s shoppers are savvy and actually make well thought-out purchase decisions. It’s up to you, whether you’re a restaurant owner, a clothing retailer or a manager at a local grocery store, to attract and retain consumers during this holiday and beyond.

Here are a few suggestions on how to improve your current customer relations, while luring new consumers to your establishment.

Be a person

Sure, you’re the owner or the “top dog” of the establishment, but everyone deserves a friendly “Hello, how are you” or “Thanks for stopping by” even if no purchase is made. The point is to be personable; after all, somebody will be spending their hard-earned cash on your product or service. It only takes one bad experience to send a customer running, and these days they have several platforms to express their dislike.

Keep a watchful eye

One of the most important assets to any business is its customers. The focus should always be on customer retention. Be vigilant when it comes to the number of customers you have. Without knowing if you’ve lost once loyal customers, you’re already at a loss.

Perks for new and existing customers

Loyalty programs such as punch cards, daily deals, rewards programs, and cash incentives are a great way to show your customers that their business is appreciated and important to your establishment.

Go digital (if you haven’t already)

For existing customers, send text alerts for sales, implement QR codes and mobile deals, and don’t forget the trusty email campaigns. It may also be wise to consider and utilize the reach of existing customers. For instance, you could offer extra incentives to existing customers whose referrals turn into sales.

Customer loyalty and retention should be a major focus of any business strategy. As a business owner, especially in our current economic turmoil, it is important to acknowledge your customers, whether new or existing, and show your appreciation.

What other tactics are you using to retain your customers? To attract new customers?

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