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Guest Post: Pick Your Own, Why Dont’cha

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Not everyone has the time or space to grow their own food crops, but you can get the same satisfaction of picking your own fruits and vegetables by going to a Pick Your Own farm. Most Pick Your Own farms are familyowned and operated, and are often located surprisingly close to urban and suburban neighborhoods. By going out to the farm yourself, you can get up-close and personal with the farm’s methods and their approach to sustainability.

Pick Your Own is the ultimate seasonal eating experience. I find that it gives me a better understanding of when things should be available in my area, and has honed my ability to choose produce that is perfectly ripe and ready to eat. I also like knowing when the clock started; when buying from a grocery store or even a farmer’s market, it’s hard to know how long that piece of fruit has been sitting in a truck or on a table before you bring it home. If you plucked it straight from the tree or vine, though, you know when the countdown to spoilage began. This means fewer bad surprises in the kitchen.

These outings are also fun for the whole family, and a great way to get everyone outside and active – and involved in their own eating. Kids especially need to see that a meal doesn’t just happen; a Pick Your Own trip can show them exactly how that food gets to the table. Nothing illustrates that better than selecting produce yourself, direct from the earth and then taking it home and preparing it for the family to eat.

To find local Pick Your Own farms, just search “Pick Your Own” and your state. Many farms plan their crops for year-round picking, so you can pick strawberries in the spring, peaches and tomatoes in the summer, and apples and pumpkins in the fall, all on the same property.

Make sure you and your family are prepared for the outing. Check the weather reports for the area around the farm and dress accordingly. Pack plenty of water and snacks if you have younger kids. Also, be sure to slather everyone with sunscreen. Bring cash,  many Pick Your Own farms don’t have the ability to take credit or debit cards out in the field.

Above all, try to have fun! Nothing compares to delicious, fresh, local produce that you’ve picked for yourself.

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