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July 22: Favorite Sites Friday

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It is hot outside. Just a few weeks ago we were grillin’, chillin’ and enjoying the weather. Now, at least for the folks in the DC area, we find ourselves in the brute of Summer waiting for these hottest of days to pass so we can get back to enjoying our lazy days poolside. I don’t know about you, but when it’s this hot I can’t even think about spending time near the oven. That’s why this week’s favorites are dedicated to taking the ‘think’ out of  kitchen work.

1. Foodzie’s Blog– We love the premium products offered on Foodzie. When its too hot to come up with your own gourmet food, rely on others for pre-made foods the premium way.

2. My Kid Eats Squid– With happy meals now out of the question you’ll need a new way to excite kids about dining out. Learn from this mother how to encourage an adventurous attitude within children + pick up some tips for yourself while you’re at it!

3. Sips and Spoonfuls– Simple for some and not for others, this blogger shares recipes from Dubai. From appetizers to dessert, even the more simple recipes like chilled soba noodles with a 5 minute egg look exceptionally delightful under this author’s presentation.

4.Two Hot Potatoes-These foodies had me at their first concoction- a minted watermelon juice and tequila cocktail. A drink so irresistible is sure to cool down even the hottest of potatoes!

Try a yummy Minted Watermelon Juice cocktail to cool down this weekend with the bloggers behind Two Hot Potatoes!

5. Rules a Wholesale Food Distributor Should Follow– You may be tempted to spend some time in the walk-in cooler/freezer this weekend. While you’re there, evaluate your inventory. Yesterday we dropped some tips for stocking, today we offer tips for selling.

Try to stay cool Foodem fans and have a great weekend!

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