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Lock Me in the Farmer’s Cabinet and Throw Away the Key!

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You may have noticed in earlier posts my affinity for Philly foods. From cheesesteaks to Tasty Cakes and all the pretzels in between, when it comes to foodie towns, Philly is my city of choice. This past weekend, while visiting friends and places, I took the time to check out Farmer’s Cabinet. Once again, Philadelphia did not disappoint. 


Farmer’s Cabinet could be the most appropriately named restaurant in the City of Brotherly Love. Rustic wood, low lit candles and milk jugs are among the decor that make the restaurant feel more like a time machine than a restaurant. The servers wear bow-ties, live gypsy-folk music play the soundtrack and the small plate options such as pickled vegetables, earthy artisanal cheeses, and chicken liver mousse give the feeling that the farmer is actually in the kitchen with the chef. Make your way through a couple of those options and then carry on full force through the entrees. The ingredients and flavors are so fresh and honest, your meal will beg the question, “How and why did processed food ever catch on?” 

After a couple of hours of drinking (try the Charlie Baltimore!), dining and chair dancing, I remembered thinking to myself, ‘Stepping outside is going to feel surreal,’ and it surely did. If a foodie experience is what you’re looking for in the Philadelphia area, put on your dancing shoes and bring your appetite to the Farmer’s Cabinet.

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