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The Reason to Keep Your Specialty Special

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A recent report from alleged that Boston, in terms of food, is no longer a city just for cod and bean lovers. The article argues Boston, once disreputable for “bland” foods, has pioneered the way of foodie cities and proved itself worthy of the nickname, “Food City.” Sure enough, it didn’t take too much digging around to find Boston ranked among the best in the country for wining and dining. The article got me to thinking, though: ‘What if you’re craving cod and beans done the way Boston does cod and beans?’

Restaurants across the country fight for a reputation that earns them recognition for being the best at the food they offer. All too often cities fight to be most local, the best specialty or finest niche leading to a tendency to over do it, burn out and redirect strategy to stay competitive. Perhaps that is why restaurants like Pat’s and Geno’s, famously known in Philadelphia, span the ages as contending champions for “best cheesesteak.” Their achievements have not been for offering a Philadelphia cheesesteak better than the rest. On the contrary, it has been a result of offering cheesesteaks the way they are meant to taste: fresh bread, steak, cheese, wit or wit-out. The result? Reputations for consistently satisfying the craving for a cheesesteak, if ever such a craving could be satiated.

While we’re talking Philly cheesesteaks, it must be said: Jim’s has the best. (Photo Source)

Restaurants like Pat’s and Geno’s will always compete among those loyal to the city specialties they are known to offer and, in turn, their customers will always remain loyal to them. At the end of the day it’s about making sure the dish you offer is made well consistently, served well and always available for your customers who treasure it- whether it’s cod and beans in Boston or cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. We talk a lot about keeping up with the food industry times on this blog but today is for reflecting on what has always worked and stood the test of time. Does your restaurant offer a specialty you have earned a reputation for? How has it changed, if any, over the years?

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